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(434) GIGANTES PLANETARIOS [Planetary Giants] ('66) Mexico SciFi
(434) GIGANTES PLANETARIOS [Planetary Giants] (\'66) Mexico SciFi

original Mexican title: GIGANTES PLANETARIOS [Planetary Giants]

director: Alfredo B Crevenna
starring: Guillermo Murray Adriana Roel Rogelio Guerra Jose Angel Espinosa Irma Lozano

Professor Daniel Wolf is a genius scientist with a rocket ship. He also has a girlfriend, his secretary Silvia. After a series of fatal ray-gun attacks from a flying saucer [the first vaporizing a spear-carrying black guy in Africa, followed by a white cowboy getting pulverized in Arizona and then an indestructible 'Frankenstein' running wild in Mexico], the government sends Dr Daniel to 'the planet of the eternal night' to fight the ruler who has been masterminding the threats to earth. Daniel is supposed to go alone, but Silvia successfully sneaks aboard. Then two other guys (running from the law after a fixed boxing match) also hide inside. But despite the inconvenience, the four make it through outer space to the bad planet. The ruler Jose Galvez, is preparing a massive attack on Earth with his necroluminic space-ray. But [spoiler alert] Dr Daniel and his stowaways triumph over evil and save the Earth.

Director Alfredo B Crevenna followed this movie immediately with PLANET OF FEMALE INVADERS. Much of the same cast came along for the ride, including Guillermo Murray (as Professor Daniel Wolf) and Adriana Roel (as girlfriend Silvia). Alfredo B. Crevenna was a German filmmaker who escaped Hitler's Germany in 1938. At first, he knocked on the studio doors in Hollywood but couldn't secure a visa, so Alfredo migrated to Mexico where he enjoyed a prolific 50 year career. Mr Crevenna helmed over 150 films in Mexico, mostly lucha libre and horror, which include DYNASTY OF DRACULA, SANTO VS BLACK MAGIC, BEAST OF TERROR and THE WHIP AGAINST SATAN. He died in August 1996 from cancer, at age 82.

A Mexican/Spanish film with English subtitles
; uncut (88 mins)
fullscreen format, DVDs encoded for ALL REGION NTSC,
playable on any American DVD machine.
Extras include trailers.

Sale Price: $17.50
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