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The Boundary (2014) 'Femme Fatale' Mystery Thriller
The Boundary (2014) \'Femme Fatale\' Mystery Thriller


Original Chinese Title: QUAN CHENG TONG QI [Crossing the Boundary Line]

director: Wang Tao
starring Liu Ye
Vincent Zhao Choo Ja Hyun (Xuan Qiu-ci) Na Zha


This is a remarkable femme fatale psychological thriller about a cop (Liu Ye) who’s never been able to recover from the trauma of his wife mysteriously disappearing ten years before. Then when a girlfriend of a wealthy businessman is brutally murdered, the woman in the surveillance camera appears to be very familiar...

When the film starts boiling down to the more essential components, it gathers suspense, tension and some genuine surprises. It's also fun to watch as the movie toys with Mainland China's [archaic] censorship laws dealing with the supernatural. The cast is wonderful, performances from the two female leads - Choo Ja Hyun and Na Zhao - are mesmerizing. And it's somehow refreshing to see Vincent Zhao playing the villain here after so many heroic roles in his early martial arts movies (BLADE, WU DANG, ONCE UPON A TIME IN CHINA IV, GREEN SNAKE, et al).



A Chinese/Mandarin film
with good Chinese and English subtitles, fullscreen format, (uncut 102 minutes),
DVD encoded for ALL REGIONS NTSC FORMAT; extras include original Chinese theatrical trailer.


Graphic Violence/Drugs/Sexual Tension
for Mature Audiences

Sale Price: $17.50
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