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SILVER MAID (1969) 'Weird Asia' Fantasy Actioner
SILVER MAID (1969) \'Weird Asia\' Fantasy Actioner

original Taiwan/Chinese title: YIN GU [Silver Valley]

director: Fu Nan-Tu (Chang Chien-Chi)
starring: Ng Siu Wai Wu Pin Nan Tao Chiang Yun Lan Su Jen-Ping Fei Wang Wu Hsia-Hui

Silver Maid is played by a young kid fighter named Ng Siu Wai, essentially cut from the same cloth as Lin Hsiao-Lao's Magic Peach character (MAGIC OF SPELL, CHILD OF PEACH et al). She wants to become a student in the ruthless Red Devil cult, an internally fractured sect loosely held together by the fiery red-haired Chief. But, seemingly, this heathen band enforces a 'no females allowed' rule and they make things very difficult for her. Meanwhile, Silver Maid is on a mission of her own to find an elixir to cure her sickly grandmother. But - for some reason - this potion is guarded by four poisonous creatures who don't want to share. These monsters are a frog, a centipede, a scorpion and [deadliest of all] a giant snake (see pic above, right).

This film is from a sub-genre of fantasy movies [lensed mostly in Taiwan pre-1990] called 'Weird Asia,' probably best known for WOLF DEVIL WOMAN, MOTHER GODDESS AND THE SEA DRAGON, GINSENG KING and the aforementioned MAGIC OF SPELL. The director is Chang Chien-Chi, working behind a pseudonym; he was also responsible for VAMPIRE TRAINING CAMP in 1988.

Please note: the subtitles, while easy to read, are often too long for the screen and get cut off on the sides (see image, center below).

A Taiwanese film, with Chinese and English subtitles (often too long for the screen and cut on the sides
[see pic above]; fullscreen format, uncut 91 minutes, DVD encoded for
ALL REGION NTSC WORLD FORMAT. Extras selected theatrical trailers

Sale Price: $17.50
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