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Sion Sono's THE ROOM (1993) his lost masterpiece
Sion Sono\'s THE ROOM (1993) his lost masterpiece

A Lost Masterpiece from Sion Sono


Original Japanese Title: HEYA

director: Sion Sono
starring: Akaji Maro · Yoriko Doguchi · Shiro Sano · Sayoka Takahashi · Uchida Eiichi


Seven years before Sion Sono hit cinematic gold with his SUICIDE CIRCLE (2001), he made this minor masterpiece of quiet desperation. Those cult fans who have only seen the prolific director’s recent work (often called his Cinema Of Excess) like TAG, VIRGIN PSYCHICS and TOKYO TRIBE, will be duly impressed by this stoic study of an aging criminal and a young property agent. The film makes a considerable impression.

Not to be confused with the American phenomenon, Tommy Wiseau's The Room (2003), this motion picture from Sion Sono is a tribute to the very art of filmmaking. The central character is a nameless world-weary hitman who goes to a rental agency in search an apartment. An agent [identified only by her employee number 849957] listens intently to his requirements: a room with an April breeze so he can smell the cherry blossoms, a view that is not obscured by nearby tall buildings, and it must be quiet as possible. They go apartment hunting for most of the day but nothing seems quite right. That evening, the killer meets a former associate (who laments that he's killed so many people that he now hears the dead whispering to him) and this brings back a memory of his most recent hit. The following day, as the agent begins showing her client other options, she suddenly realizes what he's really searching for...


A Japanese black-and-white production with good English subtitles;
fullscreen format, uncut 91 minutes, encoded for ALL REGION NTSC,
playable on any American machine. Extras include Sion Sono trailers.


Violence/Adult Situations
for Mature Audiences

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