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(712) COLLEGE GIRLS CONFIDENTIAL (1968) X Sex on Campus
(712) COLLEGE GIRLS CONFIDENTIAL (1968) X Sex on Campus

Sex and Kicks on the College Campus!

Also known as: COLLEGE GIRLS

director: Stephen C Apostolof (as A. C. Stephen)
starring: Capri Harvey Shain Marsha Jordan Gee Gentell Lynda Style Sean O'Hara

Essentially, this is a collection of vaguely related stories dealing with the sexual life of college coeds. In one segment, a failing student sleeps with her teacher to pass the course and then follows him home to rape his unsuspecting wife. There's another tale of misfits who sleep with football players to improve their self-esteem. The big story centers on a wild sorority drug party that includes nude dancing, random coupling, LSD and a professor who tries to fly from the balcony.

The movie is based on the pulp novel "College Girls" written by Stephen Apostolof, under a Bruce Mitchell pseudonym). Mr Apostolof was born in the Bulgarian Black Sea town of Burgas; he claimed United States asylum in the late 1940s. Once in America, he met Swedish-born actor Tor Johnson who introduced him to director Ed Wood. A.C. Stephen and Wood became close friends, often working together on films (i.e, LADY GODIVA RIDES!) and the hardcore (XXX) NECROMANIA. Mr Apostolof died at age 77, August 2005.

An American film in English Language; fullscreen format,
uncut 67 minutes; DVD encoded for ALL REGION NTSC WORLD FORMAT.
Extras include selected short exploitation films and trailers.

Sexual Themes/Gratuitous Nudity/Rape/Drugs
for Mature Audiences

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