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(598) GEFESSELT [Bound] (2014) Love. Honor. Obey.
(598) GEFESSELT [Bound] (2014) Love. Honor. Obey.

A Shocking Home Invasion Film from the Netherlands


original European (Deutsche) title GEFESSELT: LIEBE EHRE GEHORSAM [Bound: Love Honor Obey]
also known as DEADLY VIRTUES
director: Ate de Jong
starring: Megan Maczko · Edward Akrout · Matt Barber


The story features three main characters: a married couple, Tom and Alison, plus an intruder named Aaron. When he breaks into their house, the couple are having sex. He interrupts the action by asking 'do you mind if I cut in?' Then he quickly over-powers the two. When they wake up, Tom is tied up in the bathtub and Alison is hanging from the kitchen ceiling. What follows is a weekend of torture and abuse. But this is no standard 'home invasion' film. The characters have depth, the writing is engaging and the ending... well, the ending is VERY surprising.
   Home invasion movies are a relatively new horror genre. Most fans point to LADY IN A CAGE (1964) as the first one (a case could also be made for Johnny Cash's FIVE MINUTES TO LIVE in 1961). But it wasn't actually established as a 'genre' until Peter Collison's grim masterpiece THE PENTHOUSE in '67. Of course, the home invasion narrative became mainstream in the '70s with everything from Clockwork Orange to Death Wish to Play Misty For Me. The genre is still strong. And with this film, unique.


A Netherland/UK film in English language; widescreen format, uncut, 87 minutes),
DVD encoded for ALL REGION NTSC WORLD FORMAT. Extras include trailers.


Strong Sexual Situations/Violence/Nudity/Sexual Brutality
recommended for Mature Audiences only

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