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(559) DAUGHTER OF CALIGULA (1981) [X] optional English subtitles
(559) DAUGHTER OF CALIGULA (1981) [X] optional English subtitles


original Brazilian title A FILHA DE CALIGULA [The Daughter of Caligula]

director: Ody Fraga
starring: Danelle Ferrite · Roque Rodrigues · Marco Nogleira · Marcia Fraga
· Michel Belmondo


Officially, the International cinematic mayhem began with Tinto Brass' CALIGULA in 1979. An amazing rash of clones followed, including [but not limited to] Bruno Mattei's CALIGULA AND MESSALINA, CALIGULA'S SLAVES, HOT NIGHTS OF CALIGULA, VIRGIN FOR CALIGULA and recently Lloyd Simandl's CALIGULA'S SPAWN. This one, however, is remarkably odd due to its inability to make much sense, from locale problems (obviously set in ancient Rome, yet littered with Brazilian references) to plot incongruities (characters drifting in and out unexpectedly) to dangling narratives (including uncertain sexual preferences). But it was obviously intended to be a cockeyed erotic story. On that level it works. The Brazilian description says: "O que a história nunca teve a ousada de contari" [What history never had the courage to tell]. This is the tale of Caligula's daughter Silvia and her efforts to seize the throne from an unscrupulous uncle.

Filmmaker Ody Fraga [sometimes using the pseudonym Johannes Freyger] died from an auto accident in 1987 at age 60. He helmed numerous low-budget Grindhouse movies but was best known as a scriptwriter, responsible for 60+ motion pictures including CHICK'S ABILITY. He cast his daughter Marcia Fraga (above, right) in the role of Acacia. She had appeared in a minor role for BARE BEHIND BARS the previous year and would go on to star in AMAZON JAIL before quitting the business in 1982. Interestingly, both of those films also starred Danelle Ferrite, the young woman who plays Caligula's daughter, Silvia, here.



A Brazilian film in Portuguese with optional ON/OFF English subtitles; widescreen (16:9),
totally uncut version at 77 minutes, encoded for ALL REGIONS NTSC,
playable on any American machine. Extras include selected trailers.


Strong Sexual Situations/Male and Female Nudity/
Violence/Sexual Brutality: for Mature Audiences Only

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