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(547) H P Lovecraft's TWO LEFT ARMS (2013) Ruggero Deodato
(547) H P Lovecraft\'s TWO LEFT ARMS (2013) Ruggero Deodato


original Italian title H. P. LOVECRAFT'S TWO LEFT ARMS

also known as NIGHT GAUNTS

director(s): Domiziano Delvaux Cristopharo and Adam Rehmeier
starring: Yvonne Scio · Paolo Stella · Ruggero Deodato · Frank Laloggia · Carlo De Mejo


An art conservator named Carter Young travels to Secinaro Italy from the United States to restore a fresco painted on the wall of an old church. After arriving in the rural town, Carter soon discovers the locals are hiding a secret related to a nearby lake which - according to legend - was created by a meteor. He befriends Emma Galliani who tells him the lake holds clues to something sinister which threatens to challenge the foundation of Christianity.
  After directing the sado shocker BUNNY GAME, filmmaker Adam Reheier left the U.S. for Italy where he collaborated with Domiziano Christophero on this film. While based on the H P Lovecraft writings, the film also liberally borrows the set-up from Pupi Avati's HOUSE WITH WINDOWS THAT LAUGH.
Of course, Ruggero Deodato is best known as a film director, but he often made cameos in his own movies (i.e., DIAL HELP,
CUT AND RUN, PHANTOM OF DEATH and even CANNIBAL HOLOCAUST. Here is a rare appearance in someone else's film (pic above center).
This would also be the last movie for cult actor Carlo De Mejo. He died from a heart attack at age 70, December 2015. His career stretched over four decades and numerous genre productions, from MICROSCOPIC LIQUID SUBWAY TO OBLIVION to THE OTHER HELL, from Lucio Fulci's CITY OF THE LIVING DEAD to ALIEN CONTAMINATION. (pic below left)



An Italian film, most shot in English with some Italian and English subtitles;
widescreen format 16:9, uncut (80 minutes), extras include theatrical trailers.
DVD encoded for All Region NTSC World Format.


Sexual Themes/Violence
for Mature Audiences

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